Ady Or - Jewlry of Light & Color

I am a jewelry beading artist and hand-made crafts artist, working from my studio in Ramat Yishay, Northern Israel.

The embrace of nature on the ever-green Mt. Carmel as a child, my Dad's watercolor paintings and my Mom's colorful touch everywhere in our home, were my first color insight.

My never tiring fascination with books, enhanced my imagination and familiarized me with ancient places, cultures and arts. Kings and Princes, Cleopatra and Indians depicted in turquoise, earthy colors, gold and crimson.

Some 15 years ago, all those influences matured into creative force unique to me. The inspiration to incorporate glass, gem beads, wood & ceramic beads, threads & ropes, metal elements & clay were like a dream come true.

Lately, drawing also claims its place as a creative force. Incorporating Transparency & Opaque, Light & Darkness, Flat & three-dimensional contributed to a piece with depth / a multi layered story.

Leonard Cohen in his song "Anthem" says "everything has cracks, that's how the light gets in". For me, this line is the essence of the Revealed VS Concealed and the search by association as to the meaning of things.

I keep searching my individual expression through learning and experimenting and my creative world keeps evolving. A Blessing.

A few years back, by accident, I found the joy of sharing my knowledge & experience with other people. To turn them from bystanders to active participants in the creative proccess was an intense experience. Finding their own voice, tastes, strengths became a WIN WIN for me and them alike.